Tips to Reduce Cost of Cross Border Transport and Trucking Services

Cross border Services are referred to as exchanging goods over a border. Since global trading has caused a considerable increase, it gives huge opportunities to businesses of all sizes. It can save your time and money. It takes less time than ocean transportation and is cost-effective from air freight. All Track Transport Ltd takes responsibility to keep your shipments secure and safe. Cross border transport and trucking services include full truckload service, HAZMAT Services, LTL Freight Shipping Services, Frozen, and Refrigerated Services, Flatbed Services, Dry Van Services, Heavy Haul Services, etc.

Common Services Are Included in Cross-Border Transportation.

  • FTL: FTL stands for full truckload shipping. This method is used when shipping goods will take the entire space of a truck.
  • Heavy Haul: when loads are more than the regulated legal limit. It varies geographically.
  • Dry Van: In this, ships are fully enclosed to protect them from outside elements. Dry vans are not temperature-controlled and don’t allow heavy shipments.
  • HAZMAT: HAZMAT services are related to the shipment of dangerous goods.
  • LTL: LTL Freight Shipping Services doesn’t require a full truckload.
  • Frozen and Refrigerated Services: Temperature controlled service for shipment service requiring refrigerators.
  • Flatbed Service: Goods can be loaded from any angle. Cargo doesn’t require the enclosure of the van.

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Factors That Affect Logistics Transportation and Trucking Services Costs:

Destination of Shipment:  Cost is manipulated by freight’s shipping destination, transportation charges are based on the geographical areas.

Value of Carrier Goods: More the value of carrier goods, more the charges of freight transportation. Chances of risks are high because high-priced goods shipments are usually insured to minimize the losses.

Market Circumstances: According to market conditions, the capacity of trucks to cargo can affect transportation costs. If the shipment volume is strict or tight, then service providers demand high rates.

Cost of Fuel: Transportation cost most affected by the cost of fuel. If the price of fuel is high then you have to pay more for your freight carrier and if the fuel is available at low rates then shipping charges will be low.

Reputation: If as a merchant, your reputation in the market is good, then you may be charged a bit little amount to compensate.

Government Rules and Regulation: With the change in government regulation and laws, charges of freight would be affected. Some Examples are limitations on maximum working hours for drivers and staff, if the working hours are less, and then freight charges would be high. 

The Capacity of Vehicles: Trucks are now designed in a way to maximize the capacity. More storage space reduces the costs of the Carrier Company.

Customer Loyalty: Building customer loyalty is very important. It can even help businesses even when the industry is low.

Geopolitical Factors: Geopolitical factors are the factors, which may require high attention because cross-border services are related to the political decisions process of different countries. There are so many factors that affect transportation and services costs. Now, let’s jump to tips, how you can reduce transportation services costs.


  1. Explore Different Routes of Shipment: There is an approach to decrease logistics transportation costs is exploring different routes of shipment. And get one which may take less time but less risk too.
  2. Maximize Shipping Leading Time: It would be great to reduce cost is maximizing the package delivery lead time. Try to notify the transportation services provider regarding your carrier details and requirements as soon as possible. It can help providers in reducing their operational costs.
  3. Effective Packing and Eliminate Dunnage: Packing should be effective. As the freight rates are heavily influenced by space and weight of cargo. Try not to use extra packing and material like foam, bubble wrapping, etc.
  4. Join Hand with Reliable and Reputed Service Providers: It can bring you up with a competitive advantage when partnering with an experienced service provider. An experienced and reliable service provider can use their vast network to provide at most affordable rates and expertise services.
  5. Consolidation: It refers to the procedure where the transportation shipping companies keep several smaller shipments in one full container. It can reduce cost and make delivery of goods quicker.
  6. Insurance: Insurance of goods is very important. In case you are shipping high-value goodsit would be better to have insurance for your package so that it can recover your loss in any uncertain situation.
  7. Analyze International Outsourcing Costs: it also important to analyze international outsourcing costs. Overseas shipment includes a variety of costs including brokerage, duties, and carrying costs.
  8. Visibility of Supply Chain: Observing and understanding each level of your supply chain will better help you to pinpoint inefficiencies and cut extra costs. It will access to react quickly to issues, which can reduce time and cost.
  9. Follow Automated Where Practicable: Practicing certain processes and procedures mechanically can reduce errors, eliminate paperwork and delays. Manual jobs will take more resources and time.
  10.  Warehouse Layout: The layout of your warehouse should be optimized and potential in equipment handling.