How Container Transport Is Revolutionizing The Global Economy?

How Container Transport Is Revolutionizing The Global Economy?

Container transport refers to the transportation of merchandise in standardized containers by truck and sea. The two most common international standardized container varieties are twenty and forty feet.

The flexibility of container transport makes a great contribution to the reduction in the costs of transport. In essence, it is the most economical form of cargo transportation, especially when you are carrying bulk and consumer goods.

The intermodal shipping container was invented in 1956 by an American entrepreneur  McLean and has since revolutionized shipping and the global economy. For many years Malcolm wondered how he could get his trucking company’s entire cargo loaded and unloaded onto a shipping vessel as quickly and efficiently as possible

The containers carry standardized dimensions. These containers can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, transported efficiently over long distances, and can also transfer from one mode of transport to another—container ships, rail transport flatcars, and semi-trailer trucks—without the need of being opened.

Types of Container Services Offered

Cross – Border Trucking

It involves the activities and infrastructures that support the passage of passengers and freight across an international border.

Heavy Haul

These trucks transport heavy loads like Military equipment, farming equipment, construction materials, and so on.

Frozen and Refrigerated

These trucks have especially designed temperature control equipment that helps in transporting various kinds of frozen materials.

Dry Van

Dry van transport is basically used for shipments that can’t travel exposed on a flatbed and doesn’t require a climate-controlled container and here mostly non-perishable goods are transported like health and beauty, automotive, and so on.

Full Truckloads

It is the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo and they swiftly reach the destination as they have no other pickups in between.

LTL Freight Shipping

LTL freight shipping It is used for the transportation of small freight or when it doesn’t need the whole trailer. This method is generally used where freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds. 


It is the process of moving pallets, equipment, and other shipments between locations using more than one mode of transportation like moving from an ocean container to rail.


As the name suggests these types of trucks are completely flat with no sides or roofs these types of trucks are either articulated or rigid.


These types of trucks carry corrosive, explosive, flammable, poisonous, or other hazardous materials from point A to point B. 

How are Container Services Revolutionizing the Global Economy?

Just as the computer revolutionized the flow of information and database, the shipping container has also revolutionized the flow of goods and various other commodities.

As universal as the 1’s and 0’s of computer code, a container can hold just about anything, from coffee beans to cell phone components to various other heavy goods.

Enhanced the Volume of International Trade

Low-cost transportation makes it economical for various countries to transport goods among each other.

For eg:-  A factory in China wishes to produce Barbie dolls with Japanese hair, Taiwan plastics, and American colorants, and then ship them off to girls all over the world.

More Secure Way of Transportation

To achieve this security container trucks are designed in many ways so as to fit according to the need of the goods. They are also designed to be Sturdy and weatherproof.

Consumer-Oriented Economy

Consumers have also taken a lot of benefits from container transportation because of its results in LOWER PRICES and MORE VARIETY. They have access to a wide range of goods available in the world.

Easy Transportation

Once you pack your goods in the containers, specialized container lifting equipment will shift your container onto trucks for transportation to your destination. They are easier to transport than transportation trucks, which may be difficult to navigate across tight corners and through busy streets. Also, you can load several commodities on the same truck if you have more items to move from one location to the other location.


Unlike rental trucks, shipping containers can also serve your needs as temporary storage solutions. They would be quite significant if your staff needs several days to pack and unpack since these containers are strong enough and can be secured with locks so no one can break into them. You could also park the containers in a safe neighborhood until your next move.

Reduce Wear and Tear Cost

In traditional transportation, goods often had to wait in a long warehouse until the next step. They will also create opportunities for damage, mistakes, and more than a little theft.

Now because of container services loading and unloading of goods have become so easy. 

Reduce In Transit Time

Due to container services transit time has been significantly reduced because of FAST loading, unloading, and checking of goods. container transport allocates containers to the demands in real-time preventing any overloading from happening.

Private Sector Participation

The private sector has better access to capital markets and has the right incentives to start taking part in this industry more. With more privatization risk in the public sector was significantly reduced.

If we talk in terms of statistics, After container services increase in world trade accelerated dramatically during the early 1970s, with world trade growth in real terms from 0.45 trillion dollars in the early 1960s to 3.4 trillion dollars in 1990, which means growth is up by factor 7.

Container transport is arguably the most efficient means of transporting goods. If your company is more interested in knowing about container transport services, ALL TRACK TRANSPORTATION can provide all these services.