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Today, the need for freight shipping has been on the rise with the emergence of e-commerce and globalization. There are many different types of truck freight shipping methods used to transport several kinds and amounts of goods.

Less than truckload freight services refers to the transportation of goods that don’t require a full truckload. Through LTL many separate shipments (varying according to tot the business demands) can be transported on one truck. Shipments are usually arranged in the form of pallets and range between 150 pounds to 10,000 pounds. LTL freight shipping in Surrey BC is more cost-effective and efficient than other methods of freight transportation.

How Does LTL Shipping Work?

LTL is a type of freight service that is used for shipments that are not large enough to be shipped by truck. LTL shipments are loaded onto a truck, and the driver will then deliver the items to multiple destinations in one trip. This saves time and money when compared to sending packages individually from one destination to another.

The Major Benefits of Using LTL Freight Shipping are as Follows:

Quick Delivery:

In many instances, with LTL shipping your products can actually be a much faster way.   You can book your freight services immediately, and the consignee will receive products as soon as possible rather than waiting for sufficient orders to book and optimize loads or sending cargo in the half-empty truck.

Safe and Secure Shipping

Items shipped via LTL shipping is properly wrapped and loaded into the truck before they are transported. This is done to protect goods from being damaged or destroyed. This is typically done for goods that have the potential to get damaged during freight forwarding. That is why many businesses prefer to employ LTL shipping for operation.

Suitable For Carrying Small Shipments

LTL shipping is a highly flexible process and is used to transport small shipments throughout the country. This feature of LTL shipping enables small enterprises to move goods throughout the country with a good profit margin.

LTL Freight Shipping

Low Freight Cost

Low Freight Cost

LTL shipping is less expensive than FTL transportation. Choosing to send the goods via LTL freight services lowers the overall transportation cost. As it can be a challenging condition for a single company to fill the entire truck to ship its products. Smaller loads or partial shipments will consume less fuel through this model and thus save cost.

Eco-Friendly Method

Considering the present rate of climate change and carbon footprint choosing more eco-friendly options is becoming a necessity. Fortunately, when it comes to LTL shipping it is a more eco-friendly option as it lowers the need for the fuel required. So if you are searching for a simple approach to move your shipments in an eco-friendly way then LTL shipping works best for you.

Variety of Shipping Choices

When it comes to delivery, customers have more options when they use LTL transport in Surrey, BC. They can choose to have their items delivered at a specific time period. It gives customers more control over their shipments. These options provide assistance in carrying shipments according to specific requirements.

 Some of the options are listed below

  • Expedited Shipping Mode: If you want to deliver your goods fast than the normal transit time, expedited options work best in that case. Although it’s a little more expensive mode than the standard mode of transportation. The need for expedited shipping has increased in recent years. This is due to the increase in e-commerce and the need for people to receive their products more quickly.
  • Liftgate Shipping: Liftgate shipping is the best option if the goods are hefty. Also, consider this option if the receiving location lacks a transparent dock for gods.
  • Restricted Access: LTL shipping is appropriate for those regions having limited access to people either for safety concerns or fewer transportation facilities available.
  • Custom Delivery Services: Custom delivery services are available if you want your products within a specific time frame. This enables enterprises to cope the things efficiently.
Shipping Choices

Shipment Tracking

When shipments are dispatched, LTL shipping allows easy tracking. you as a dispatcher and your clients can easily keep an eye on goods transported using tracking solutions. You can get access to where your goods are currently through just a single touch from your device.


LTL shipping helps the e-commerce industry to lower their warehousing costs and enhance faster delivery. By transporting goods in pallets on the same truck, LTL offers safe shipping at a much lower cost.

How to Choose an LTL Freight Carrier

Choosing a freight carrier can be a difficult process as there are many factors to consider to make your decision wisely. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting the best rates and service, it pays to do some research before making any decisions.

Here are a few things to consider.

Type of Shipment

You will need to decide on the type of freight that you will be shipping. For example, if you are shipping a large quantity of heavy machinery and equipment, then you might want to look for an LTL carrier that specializes in this type of cargo.


It is important to consider your budget and search which carrier provides the best rate to you. 

The Reputation of the Freight Carrier

 It is important to look into the reputation of the freight carrier before making your final decision. You want to know what other people think about their service so that you can avoid any potential issues down the line.

Investigate the Claim Process

In case of any damage caused by the carrier, ask about the claim process thoroughly.

  • After delivering shipments how many days do I have to claim the loss?
  • What documents are required while filing a claim?
  • The average time the whole process takes to settle a claim?

Factors that LTL Carriers Should Consider

There are many factors that LTL freight carriers in Surrey, BC  should also consider when they want to provide a quality service. We will go over the most important ones.

Quality of the vehicle They need to make sure that their trucks are in good condition and have a clean interior and exterior.
Maintain reliability The drivers need to be reliable, have good driving records, and take care of the cargo.
Answerable to the customer service department They need to be able to answer any questions about shipping rates or other services offered by the carrier in order for customers to make informed decisions about what carrier they want to use for their shipment