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LTL shipping services

LTL shipping services

LTL shipping services

LTL freight shipping refers to less than a truckload, which refers to the shipment of cargo smaller than the size of a full truck. All Track Transport can optimize the loads, and many different shipments can be transported on a single truck. Shipments in LTL are usually arranged on pallets, and the weight ranges from 150 pounds to 10,000 pounds.

How do LTL Shipping Services Work at All Track Transport?

Our experts consolidate freight into a single truck for a route. We arrange the shipment in a way that makes it easy to load and unload. You can also combine cargo for multi-stop truckloads.

Are you concerned about the charges? One of the major benefits of LTL shipping is that we charge only for the space you use. Other factors that affect LTL shipping charges are the type of items, their vulnerability, their pick-up location, and their destination.

Note: LTL freight can also be shipped with additional services if required, which require extra charges known as accessorial fees.

Choose All Track Transport for LTL Shipping Services

Competitive Pricing

Reduce transportation costs and increase profits. All Track Transport can provide a competitive advantage in several terms and pricing is the most common factor. Although LTL freight shipping is an economical method as the carrier will charge you only for the space used by you.

Support Small Businesses

Yes, LTL freight shipping can be an ideal option for small businesses. They can get more benefits from less-than-truckload shipping services. All Track Transport put commendable efforts to lower shipping costs. We also support businesses by providing quick deliveries and quality services.

Quick Delivery

If you are looking for quick delivery through LTL shipping, All Track Transport can be your ideal option. Businesses can quickly ship products instead of waiting for sufficient orders to book a full truckload

Shipping Options in LTL Freight Services

Expedited shipping 

If you want to deliver your freight as quickly as possible, you can consider the expedited shipping option. Although it’s a bit expensive, it works best for businesses that require urgent delivery of goods. 

Liftgate shipping

You may consider this option if you are delivering bulky cargo.

Restricted access 

This type of shipping is appropriate for regions that have restricted access. It is a worthy option for remote areas or construction sites.

Customized delivery 

It is used by businesses to deliver their products within a specific period.


Do you know that LTL shipping can be an environmentally-friendly option? By consolidating multiple shipments into a single truck, LTL can reduce the amount of fuel used and emissions released into the atmosphere. It also reduces traffic congestion on roads, helping to reduce air pollution and noise levels.

While working with All Track Transport, you can rest assured that your products will arrive at their final destination safely and efficiently.