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Container Shipping Services


Container Shipping Services

A most common type of cargo used worldwide” 

In the international context shipping container is also called an intermodal freight container or most commonly a sea can. It is also used for marine Transport in Surrey, BC. They are typically made of steel or aluminum, with interiors fitted out with wooden pallets or shelves.

All Track Transport offer different sizes of shipping containers from large steel boxes to corrugated boxes.

History of Container Shipping

The first shipping container was designed in 1956 by Malcolm McLean and was made out of wood. Container shipping in Surrey, BC, is proudly bonded by Canadian customs. This design was later replaced with metal containers due to their sturdiness and cost-effectiveness.

We Offer Several Types of Container Shipping

           “Ship your Cargo Safely

A dry shipping container is a steel container that is designed to be loaded with goods and transported without the risk of damage from moisture or humidity. The containers have walls made from corrugated steel sheets that are welded together to form a rigid structure with a waterproof roof and floor. 

It has no upper covering and just has two sides. They are usually 20 or 40 feet long and are made of steel for durability. 

The open-top shipping container has no roof. This makes it possible for businesses to utilize this type of shipping container in different ways.

A refrigerated ISO container is an intermodal container used in the Transport of temperature-sensitive cargo. The refrigeration system in an ISO container prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that could cause food spoilage. This is important because it provides safe Transport for perishable items that would otherwise not survive if left out at room temperature 

They are generally made up of anti-corrosive material. They are used to carry various dry goods but most commonly they are used to carry liquids.

They are generally half the size of an actual-sized container and are mostly made up of steel. They are used for goods that need easy loading and unloading for example stones, and coal. It is used more and more for containerized bulk cargo. 

Choose Us For Container Shipping 

  • Safety: We ensure safe shipments of your containers, We offer better protection against natural disasters like earthquakes, and fires than traditional methods as they are well sealed.
  • Environmentally friendly: All track Transport provide environmentally friendly shipping container that consumes less fuel. 
  • More efficient: Our container ships can carry more cargo per trip because they have a greater carrying capacity. 
  • Versatile: Our container Transport is more versatile in nature as they used to carry different products.

The cost of shipping containers in Surrey, BC, depends on the type of container units used or the volume of goods involved.

All Track Transport can access all major ports in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.