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Flatbed Trucking Services

Here are two major benefits of Flatbed Trucking Services


Flatbed Trucking Services

Flatbed trucking is a unique kind of transportation where we use a flatbed trailer to transport large goods. The goods over the flatbed containers are secured by straps and tarping so that there is no disruption during transportation. Drivers at All Track Transport are dedicated to providing satisfactory services to clients.

Easy Transportation of heavy goods

Flatbed transport allows for easy transportation of goods, especially oversized loads. If your cargo doesn’t fit in a standard trailer, like large furniture or construction materials, it can easily be fitted onto a flatbed.Here are some items that can be easily transported on All Track Transport flatbeds:

  • Heavy construction equipment

  • Steel 

  • Lumber 

  • Cement, pipes, and concrete

  • Steel

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Lumber

  • Wrapped material


Easy loading and unloading of goods

You will be happy to know that All Track Transport has flatbed trucks that allow easy transportation of oversized goods. Most flatbeds have drop-deck features so that your goods can be easily lowered to the ground. Another reason for easy unloading is that cargo can be easily unloaded with the help of heavy machinery like cranes.

Why Choose All Track Transport for Flatbed Trucking Services

Fast delivery

In flatbed trucking services, usually, one single type of cargo is transported, which means your delivery duration will be shortened. Along with the combination of factors like security and convenience, you will be more satisfied.

Happy customers

We have a list of satisfied and happy customers who have been in touch with us for years. We deliver quick and quality service to our customers. Choose us for more prompt and careful delivery of goods.


When you want to transport a wide variety of goods, it is beneficial to use flatbed trucking services. Flatbeds will have more space available for easier transportation of goods. Flatbed trucking services give you complete freedom, you can put different cargo easily in a trailer.


As cargo in flatbed trucks is completely exposed, drivers use chains, traps, and coil racks to prevent the cargo from shifting. The goods will arrive at their destination point as planned.

If you want to avail yourself of high-quality flatbed trucking services, contact All Track Transport to fulfill your needs.