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Hazmat Container Shipment

Hazmat Container Shipment

Shipping hazardous materials can be a dangerous and complicated process. To ensure that these materials are transported safely, All Track Transport uses the right equipment. Choose a reliable hazmat transportation company in Surrey, BC.

We can transport your HAZMAT Goods

We transport several hazardous materials, including lithium-ion batteries, perfumes, paint, petroleum, alcohol, flammable essential oils, radioactive materials, infectious materials, and corrosive and explosive materials.


Determine the Category

First, you have to determine the category of materials. If it is a hazardous material, then figure out the difficulty of handling it. To avoid fines and penalties, it is recommended to declare the product in advance.

Proper Packing

Packaging of hazardous materials demands special attention. If the products are not properly packed the courier will not deliver the shipment. We at All Track Transport ensure the proper packaging of the goods.

Steps involved in delivering hazardous materials with All Track Transport

Choose the Right Container

All Track Transport makes use of good quality containers depending on the type of hazardous material. Moisture, extreme heat, and other harsh conditions can damage the products so choosing the right container is a crucial step.

Follow the Specific Shipping Rules

Following specific shipping rules is vital as they present a major health risk, especially to those who are handling them during transit. Our experienced team can help you.

Filling in Documentation Properly

For carrying hazmat freight in Surrey, BC, it is important to fill out shipping documents before it is shipped. Failure to properly fill out the documentation can result in a hefty fine.

Pack your hazardous materials carefully

  • Use padded Material¬†

Hazardous materials pose certain risks. All Track Transport handles the materials properly and covers them with padded material to reduce the risk of exposure.

  • Pack Materials Separately

All Track Transport packs different classes of hazardous materials individually to minimize the damage. This technique also reduces health risks.


Shippers have a wide range of duties while shipping hazardous goods that include:

  • Assign the correct information/data to the cargo.

  • Properly pack the cargo on pallets.

  • Comply with the proper rules and regulations.

  • Filling out and submitting paperwork with complete accuracy.

  • Informing carriers about precautionary measures, especially for cargo that can react to other cargo.

To transport hazardous goods, carriers have various duties including:

  • Check that shipments are permitted to carry under rules and regulations.

  • Ensure that the paperwork submitted by the shipper is complete.¬†

  • Check labels and markings and ensure their accuracy.

  • Check if there is any leakage.

  • Notifying authorities during unloading.

  • Reporting to the appropriate reporting agency when required.