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Transportation of cargo from one location to another over short distances.

Drayage services are usually offered by truckers and freight brokers. These services are often required when a shipper needs to transport goods over short distances or when they need to transport goods in areas where there is no established freight service.

Freight brokers provide drayage services as an intermediary between the shipper and carrier, while truckers offer them as a part of their regular business operations.

Drayage is a crucial component in several businesses, including cold chain logistics and the container industry. The transport container firms employ drayage to convey a wide range of cargoes, including vehicles, and metals. These containers may weigh in excess of 1,000 tonnes.


Drayage Services


What is container drayage shipping?

Container drayage shipping is a type of freight transportation that moves containers from one point to another over short distances through rail and trucks. The primary benefit of Container Drayage Services is the reduced cost of moving goods, which in turn increases profits for the company.

Trucks perform drayage transportation, which is frequently part of intermodal transport. The service is in high demand in major port such as Vancouver, Washington, and Oregon.

History of Container Drayage Shipping

Surprisingly, the history of drayage service goes all the way back longer than most people assume. Likewise, the name “drayage” is derived from the word “dray.” This is an archaic vehicle that refers to a low cart with no sides that is drawn by horses.

Obviously, such carriages could not manage long distances and could only transport products inside villages and cities. The technique was applied until the early twentieth century when it was replaced by modernized trucks.

Role of Container Drayage in Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation counts for a sizable portion of total cargo transport. According to the Intermodal Association of North America, 95% of intermodal freight is moved in a container at some point. This implies that using container drayage freight carriers or drayage shipping services, which primarily move containers, is crucial for intermodal shipping firms.

The process of intermodal drayage begins with the receipt of a container containing freight at a port, facility, warehouse, or rail terminal. The received items are then divided, loaded, and transported to their next destination. Trucks handle drayage for short-distance cargo..

As a result, businesses that employ drayage services require precise scheduling and shipping preparation. This is where third-party logistics providers (3PLs) come in.

Classifications of Drayage Transport Services


Drayage Services in British Columbia are categorized based on their size and freight handling efficiency. The Intermodal Association of North America has divided drayage into the following categories:

  • Expedited drayage: This drayage is used for the speedy transportation of freight containers for time-sensitive deliveries, which is common when companies require same-day shipping services.
  • Intra-carrier drayage: This type of service entails moving freight to two separate hubs owned by the same carrier. For example, it might entail transferring cargo from one intermodal hub to another.
  • Shuttle drayage: This sort of drayage entails conveying an intermodal unit to a temporary rest stop. If the origin hub becomes overcrowded, this is most likely the strategy employed.
  • Pier drayage: Pier drayage services are likely to be required if your shipment needs you to carry freight from a rail terminal to a port or pier for ocean shipping.
  • Door-to-door drayage: In this type of drayage the container is delivered to the customer by truck rather than to a warehouse or store.

Reasons Why Do You Need Drayage Services?

A drayage service is required to transport cargo from a port to a distribution center or warehouse. It is an important service that helps the logistics industry.

The need for drayage service arises due to the following reasons:

  • To transport goods on a short-term basis, between an origin and destination.
  • To pick your shipping container from a port to your warehouse.
  • Receive your shipping containers from your warehouse to the port for international shipments.
  • Drayage services handle by experts and ensure that cargo is not damaged during transit.
  • .They also provide a cost-effective option for shippers who do not have their own fleet of trucks or do not want to invest in one.
  • This will take a single shift to deliver the entire container and complete the whole transportation process.

Let’s take an example of tradeshows and shopping malls to understand how drayage services fit in the bigger picture of all transport over several modes:

Trade Shows: A tradeshow is a group of various industry participants or merchants where they can exhibit their goods and engage in discussion about them. Suppliers attending a trade show might need to move booths from the loading port to the showroom.

Under normal circumstances, the suppliers would be responsible for handling these transit requirements. The situation is simplified when drayage services are streamlined because the trade show owners are responsible for the storage and transportation of the products.

Shopping Mall: Freight enters and exits stores that do not have external loading areas in shopping malls. As a result, people must coordinate drayage services to unload the shipment from the delivery truck at the back of the mall and then carry it to the store.

A common delivery hub is typically found in retail malls to provide services for stores to cover short distances. As a result, a shopping mall is dependent on the quick and efficient transportation of goods that connects the store to this transport hub. The drayage service takes over the task of transporting freight from the loading port to the retailer’s location.

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