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Why Reefer Transportation is a Popular Choice for Canadian Businesses

“Ship your freight in temperature-controlled conditions with confidence.”

Transporting perishable items from and to warmer regions like Texas and BC requires special care and attention. No matter how much money you try to save by neglecting the importance of reefer transportation, it will impact your business in the long run. Extreme weather conditions present a logistical challenge to goods during transportation; however, this can be easily addressed by making use of refrigerated trucking services.

What Exactly Is Reefer Transportation And When It Is Needed 

It is a temperature-controlled shipping container that involves maintaining specific atmospheric and humidity-controlled conditions to maintain the freshness and quality of the goods during transit time.

These trucks are equipped with the latest technology that can be easily adjusted according to outdoor temperature needs and can withstand any harsh outdoor weather conditions. 

It is used to transport a wide variety of goods that require specific temperature conditions.

Diary and meat products


Art form that requires temperature-controlled conditions while transportation

Baked goods

Floral arrangements

Fruits, vegetables, and other produce

Frozen goods


Cosmetic products, Perfumes, and other essence

Different Conditions Required For Different Kinds of Perishable Goods

Not every product demands specific temperature-controlled conditions during transportation; here are a few basic conditions that are needed while shipping perishable goods.

Frozen Goods and Products

For shipping these goods, temperatures as low as -85 degrees Fahrenheit are required. For more extreme weather conditions, a specialised truck designed for them may be required.

Food and other Perishable Goods

For keeping them in their optimum conditions, a temperature of 33º-39ºF is required. Here are some specific guidelines for different categories of products

Plants and flowers: Though plants and flowers require their temperature conditions, the general temperature range used during the shipping process is 33º F.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes: When sweet potatoes and potatoes are transported along with their roots they can survive for a longer duration however the most suitable temperature range used is 40 - 45º F.

Greens: Various green fruits and vegetables such as grapes, broccoli, and other foods are generally transported in the temperature range of 32- 36º F.

Water-rich products: Food products that are quite water-rich which include tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, citrus, and banana require a temperature range of approximately 32 - 36º F.

Pharmaceuticals: When it comes to transporting pharmaceutical products. Maintaining specific temperature conditions is necessary for them. According to different products, different temperatures are suggested.

Canada’s diverse climatic conditions and diverse geography make it essential for businesses to have an efficient and reliable mode of transporting perishable goods such as pharmaceuticals and food across the country.

Here are Some Reasons of Using Reefer Trucking for Canadian Businesses

Regulatory Standards

Canadian businesses are required to adhere to strict health and safety regulations, especially when it comes to transporting food and pharmaceutical products. It provides a reliable solution for meeting regulatory standards and ensuring the safety of the goods during transit.

Long Distance Transportation

Canada is a country with vast transportation distances between regions. It allows businesses to transport perishable goods across long distances, ensuring that products reach their destination in optimal conditions.


For example: if you want to transport food products from British Columbia to the Ontario region or from Atlantia province to the prairies, reefer trucking is an efficient and reliable form of long-distance transportation.

Maintaining Seasonal Demand

Canadian provinces have significant seasonal variations in temperatures, with extreme cold during winter seasons and warmth during summers. It enables businesses to meet the seasonal demands of consumers by carefully transporting temperature-sensitive goods. 

For example: collards and kale crops are transported by reefer to meet the increased demand.

Meeting The Demand For Fresh and Organic Products

There is a good market space for meeting the demand for fresh and organic products in the market. Reefer transportation is a crucial way of meeting the demand for organic foods, fresh produce, and other perishable items that are delivered to stores and markets across the country in optimal conditions.

Increased Shelf Life

Reefer trucking increases the shelf life of perishable goods. By maintaining optimal humidity and temperature conditions, it helps slow down the natural decay process, allowing businesses to transport goods over long distances without compromising on quality. This enables businesses to expand their customer base without compromising quality.

Efficient Cross Border Trade

Canada has extensive trade relations with the United Nations and other neighboring countries. Reefer trucking helps facilitate efficient cross-border trade by ensuring goods comply with international regulations and maintain the required temperature during inspection and customs clearance. 

Environmental Sustainability

Canada is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Modern reefer trucks make use of modern technology such as electric-powered refrigeration units to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This aligns with the sustainability factor and allows businesses to meet the environmental policy.


The temperature setting in the reefer truck can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of goods, from frozen products to fresh produce. This feature allows businesses to transport a wider range of products in a single trip, optimizing efficiency and reducing transportation costs. 

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